Friday, April 27, 2012

Jim Hensen Part 2...

Sam had his Jim Hensen presentation day last week...FINALLY!!! It seems like we had been working on this for a long time!

Sam did really well.  He looks so sad in this picture.  He was SO hot.  His presentation was in the lunchroom with at least 100 other fourth graders. He hung in there though...wearing three layers and a wig the entire 75 minutes!

Here is Jim with his finished board! 

Sam had drawn a picture of Kermit...

He also brought Jack's Kermit and a couple of Muppet movies.  The little "man" in the background is Jim Hensen.  It looks as if he has a blue headband on, for some reason, the glue he used turned the brown hair blue.

He also wrote a short poem about his famous person.

Couldn't forget his favorite character, Animal!

Finally a little smile....I was so proud of him!

The whole family went to check out the Famous Person Fair.  At one point I couldn't find my sister.  She had gotten "trapped" by John Lennon.  After "John" gave her presentation, she decided to sing for Meg.  It took awhile...but instead of leaving after the song, Meg asks, "Can you sing "Hey Jude?"  Fortunately, "John" didn't care for that song!

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