Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Few Stories...

Sam brought home a story that he wrote at school...
Catchy title..."I can't wait to hear this one!" I shared with him! He started to read...

This is the first page he showed me.
 "Seriously, Sam?" I asked him.
He just smiled.

The story begins how he made himself and English muffin for breakfast and how fabulous it tasted.  Then I made him one. He goes on to explain this tasty sensation that I created...

"...Only this time it (the English muffin) didn't taste the same.  It tasted burnt...It tasted like it was put outside on the hottest summer day and just left to catch on fire!"

He continues...

" "Yuck!" I yelled so loud that I bet I could have woke up people in China! mom asks me what is wrong.  I told her with, a mouth full of hard, burnt English muffin, "My English muffin is burnt!" It smelled like smoke from an actual fire! ....I asked my mom if I could spit it out. But she said in a tone, "Sam. No. You can swallow it." I closed my eyes and held my nose and held my breath, I tilted my head back.  I swallowed. I didn't taste anything buy my insides hurt like I got thrown into a sumo wrestler and then thrown off the wall." 
He goes on to share...
"I took some deep breathes and felt better. Like I was in a terrible accident and nursed back to health."
He finishes the story:
"I put my dishes in the sink and headed upstairs to continue my day. I then learned to NEVER let my mom make my English muffin again!"
After reading, he looked over at me....and just smiled.
"Thanks for sharing that story with me, Sam.  You used great adjectives."

And now a few words from Jack..

"The gorilla is my favorite animal because they are strong like my dad.  I think they are cool."

Jack wrote this about Halloween.
"I saw a hippie. He had a flower. He had very long hair. He has bell bottoms on. Hey you! Look at this hippie; Can you see the peace mark (on the hippie.)"
A close up of Jack's hippie. Can you see the peace mark and the flower? Check out his long hair and those bell bottom jeans just crack me up!

This is one he wrote in August.
"When mom was mowing, she ran over a snake."
I must say that the statement is correct, but the picture is far from accurate.  Our lawn mower is a rider mower and when I ran over the snake, there was no smile on my face.  Plus, I would never let my hair get THAT dark!

Another early writing:
"One day I went to the beach."
Again, the statement is correct, but the picture is what makes me laugh.
The picture is of Sam, in the blue trunks with red hair and very fair skin.  Jack, on the other hand, is in green trunks, dark hair, MUSCLES (bulging I must say) and a TAN!!

These stories are definitely in the perspective of the writer!

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