Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Jack brought home the book "Chimpanzee: Oscar and Freddy" from the school book fair. It's the perfect book for him - he can read it himself AND it is about monkeys...Jack's favorite animal. So, he read the book to me.  When he was done reading, he suddenly began crying.  "What's wrong, buddy?" I asked him..."Oscar lost him mom and that is so sad!"  

In the story, a gang of sliver back chimps come and try to take over the territory that Oscar and his family had claimed. During the fight, though the book never tells, I think that Oscar's mom is killed. The book just says that Oscar, who is three, lost his mother. The "happy" part of the story is that Freddy, the leader of Oscar's family, begins to take care and raise Oscar, which is rare for a Chimp leader to do.

The other evening, the boys and I were watching TV and the movie trailer for Chimpanzee came on, so the three of us turned to the TV to watch the trailer, which none of us had seen.

You can watch the trailer yourself...

Suddenly, I hear this terrible howl! Sam and I look over at jack...who is SOBBING HUGE crocodile tears!  "Jack...what's wrong?" Jack howled, "He lost his mom and that is so sad...and he is alone!!"  Oh my goodness!! I thought.  (I must confess, I did get the giggles because he was SO upset. I looked over to Sam who was looking at Jack, with big eyes that where also filled with tears!) I went over and gave jack a big hug and said, "Oh you boys, I don't think we can go and see this movie."  At that point, Jack tried to stop crying and choked out, " least...the ....first ...half...." 

Yea...I don't think so buddy.

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