Friday, January 6, 2012

My Recipes...

SO I open up this cupboard every day (because I keep my coffee in the same place) and I see this mess...

These are my recipe books...or a few of them... I honestly haven't unpacked the others from our move over two years ago!!  Notice I also have a few loose papers and a notebook...which does contain cooking notes!

And here is my recipe box.  It is surprisingly stuffed!!

Stuffed with BLANK recipe cards... 

Manuals folded in half and stuffed into the box.

This recipe box was my Grandma Rold's at one time.  My mom labeled each of the dividers for her...there are A LOT of dividers stuffed into this box!

I thought I could use these recipe cards to fit in between the many dividers...kind of "spice" up my recipe box!! 

I have no idea why I thought I should rewrite some of my recipes??? Some where on random name to this recipe, but I did figure out it was my favorite peanut butter ball recipe that I coudln't find this Christmas.

This recipe was written on an old bank envelope...classy!!

So many people have tried to help my through the years with my cooking, Some wrote "easy" recipes on random sized papers for me! I guess the smaller the recipe, the more success I would have!

Some were kind and wrote their recipes our on fancy little cards!

My mom tore this out of a magazine for me after my pie crust issues!  It is titled, "Making a pie crust with out rips or tears."  I really believe that the last word in that title is to be a synonym with crying!!

and several people believed that i would be successful at making the No Bake Cookie...found three recipes for those!

This is one of my first recipes I wrote out...I was so proud!! (what is shortening oil?)

Look at all these dividers!! 

oops...i forgot one...wonder why! 

This is a side note:
Found this recipe...Pepper Steak Parfait...SERIOUSLY.  Meat in a cup..nasty!

So this is what it looked like when I finally got the recipe box all cleaned out! I removed several of the divider titles and condensed them down to a few basics.  Instead of having, poultry, meat, pasta, seafood...I put them all under Main Dishes.

And all my Main Dishes are in the front (along with my cheat sheets that my mother has kindly provided for me also!) Why did I do this?  Well, it is not a resolution, but I am going to try to make meals better meals for the family. 

Next week, my first new recipe...Cheesy Pasta was a success...the SECOND time!!

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Janet said...

Very impressed, Katie! I have an entire cupboard of recipe books, very few of them touched. I finally moved my "current" recipes to a 3-ring binder. It is labeled NOM NOM NOM.