Monday, January 30, 2012

A Mom of Boys...

Right now...
These two keep life interesting.
I cherish the "brother" relationship they have with each other.
They are loud and wrestle.
They both wear their hearts on their sleeves.
They both cry at movies.
Jack cries when the commericial for shelter dogs is on TV.
Sam is trying to grow up, but still wants to be a little boy.
They both have a great sense of humor.
They can fight like cats and dogs.
At times, Sam needs to put up"Keep Out" signs on his bedroom door.
At times, Sam needs to read those signs to Jack, because Jack ignores them.
Sam loves to have "sleep-overs" in jack's room.
The last sleep over lasted 4 weeks.
Jack threw him out the other night.
Now Moose sleeps with Sam.
Jack dances during the credits at movies. (at home and in the theaters)
Sam rolls his eyes when he does this.
Sam likes to try new things...and then asks Jack if he wants to try "that" new thing, too.
Jack will say, "YEA!" Then Sam tells Jack to go first!
Jack takes a cold hot dog in his sack lunch everyday. (yuck!)
They both love Legos.
Sam displays his Lego creations.
Jack takes his creations apart and makes new creations.
They both love to read.
They crack each other up.
It's fun to be a mom of these two boys!

I was doing important computer surfing the other night and came across a wonderful post about being a mom of boys.  As the postee explains, there are lots of "lists" about being a mom of girls or a dad of girls, but very few "lists" about being a mom of boys.  That is why the author created this touching list.  You can veiw it here.

(number 15 brought tears to my eyes.  Sam is number 55 in football and the boy in the picture reminds me of Sam! *sniff*)

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