Friday, January 27, 2012

Look what we got.

Look what got delivered to our house the other day. yea.

Sam loves this thing.  He got on it and RAN a mile. 
Then he got on it the next day and RAN another mile. 
He said, "Mom, I just ran a mile on the treadmill."
Me:" Oh. Does that include your warm-up and cool-down. (which I know are very important to any workout.)"
Sam" Nope, I just got on and RAN a mile!
Me: Seriously?
Sam: Yep!  I've done that three days in a row now and my time just keeps getting better.
Me: that is AWESOME buddy!
(Inside I am really saying, how rude.)

Jack enjoys the thing, too (how rude).  Someone needs to be right beside him though..he likes to stop and stand on the thing and get thrown into the wall.  Or we put the emergency strap on him and he will just pull it for the hell of it.

At the time I wrote this post this is how often the treadmill had been used:
Sam - three times
Jack - three times
Jason - 0 times, but has gone to the gym the last three days
Me - 0 and no gym visits.

What's a big bummer is that this large black work-out item is right across from my scrapbooking desk...just looming over me.  This just MIGHT cut into some of my important scrap work.  OR i will have to bring my scrap work upstairs...

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Gma said...

WOW Sam and Jack you are doing great! Katie & Jas hmmmm not so good! :)