Friday, January 13, 2012

I am a Napper...

My name is Katie and I love to take naps. 
 I am saying this proudly today! 

Some people view napping as being lazy and a slacker.  Well, after reading the article "Napping: You Snooze, you cruise through remainder of day" in the Des Moines Register on Tuesday, I know napping is NOT any of those preconceived ideas.  

According to the article, I found several interesting points:
1.  Spain centers their schedule around siestas!
2. Most Chinese school have a half hour nap after lunch.
3.  Google, Huffington Post and the NY Times have devoted office space to napping on the job!
4. Napping can increase your productivity and creativity.
6. Our bodies are physically wired to nap!
7.  Churchill, JFK, Ronald Reagan, Einstein and Edison were all avid nappers.

When taking naps, there are two options:  Take a 20 minute "power nap" or dedicate at least 90 minutes to the nap
 (goes along with the REM sleep.)  I am dedicated to my naps and enjoy the second choice. There is also a nap called the "nappaccino." This is where you chug a cup of coffee and follow it with a half-hour nap.  The coffee kicks in just as you wake up!  I am open to trying this option, too.

 From this article I have also learned that I need attend a Chinese school to get a degree in technology or journalism, work for one of the above companies and then go on to be a major political person or invent something really cool!

Three Cheers to the Nap!!
And now I am off to take one!
Then I may go to the bookstore and purchase the book, "The Practical Napper."

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