Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Few Layouts..

 I work at a scrapbook store and I have a handful of layouts...UGH! I actually did a few more than I thought and that's not ssaying much. For the most part, I do "one page" layouts. If it is a two page layout, usually one page is Sam and the next page is the swim pages that are below. I also do 8.5 x 11 layouts. I am one of those people that scrap one or two pictures and I really try to stick to my favorite photos! I love layering and my journaling is short and to the point!

Here are some layouts I have actually completed!

Jack at swim lessons. Used Authentique collection.

Sam at swim lessons...same collection used as Jack's.

Moose! Used the Queen and Company collection...I love to layer!!

One of my favorites..stuff from my stash.

The second page of the layout...

I also do 8.5 X 11 layouts at times...Like this one titled "The Saturday Morning Stare!"

My goal is to share more layouts with you this year...not a resolution, but a goal!!

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