Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Medical" Happenings...

I don't think these are all medical things...but close to it...

Sam lost a tooth. What drama that can be! A week before he lost it, he started to worry about losing it. Finally my dad told him not to let anyone pull it, just wiggle it with your tongue and it will come out.

One evening we hear a scream from the bathroom...honestly, for a brief moment, I just sat there and thought, "Now what?" Well, Sam came tearing out of the bathroom..."I JUST SUCKED OUT MY TOOTH!" Yes, he did not pull it, but sucked it out...literally. It was so loose that there was no blood...thank heavens!

Last week, Jason has a procedure on his knee...he tore his meniscus and they cut part of it out. Here we were waiting for him to go into the "room."  Jason said, "I am surprised that you haven't taken a picture of me."  I responded, "Well, I do have my camera, would you mind?"  The drugs must have been good, because he even smiled for the photo!

 He was laid up for a few days, but nothing that a dairy Queen Blizzard couldn't fix!!

His leg isn't really that has iodine all over it (I think.) The wrapping on his knee is actually a mechanical ice-pack. there is a machine hooked to the tubes that constantly runs cool water (43 degrees) through the wrap to keep his knee from swelling.

Oh...and then my mom.  She was lucky this day.  We were Black Friday shopping and Megan was finishing up with some purchases.  Mom and I went to sit down...couldn't find a chair, but mom found an abandoned wheel chair to rest herself!! She was so happy!! 

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