Monday, June 13, 2011

A Rainy Lego Day...

What is a boy to do when his brother is at Safety Town (more on that another time) and it is raining outside? Might as well get your mom to take pictures of your Legos..which she meant to do about 3 years ago!!

Sam LOVES legos! He has several sets he has built. Our challenge was to figure out a creative way to display them all (they tend to take a bit of space!) At one time, displaying was not a problem due to Jack eventually getting ahold of the built Lego set, pretending he was a tornado and the set would end in ruins. No display area needed...well, fortunately for Sam, jack is no longer tornado Jack. So last weekend, we found these shelves at Target and thought this would be perfect for Lego displaying in Sam's room.  Sam completely got into figuring out how to organize each set.

I got this idea on a blog. He displays his mini-figures in this old vintage printers box. I am going to get a larger one so Jack can display his guys, in his room. I am planning on getting two more for Sam, but in different sizes, to add with this one. 
(I wasn't sure about the yellow figure in his undies...Sam said it was a sumo wrestler...beside the sumo is a shirtless "tough" Indy Jones.

Moose had to get into the act also.  Sam thought she was trying to make it look as if she had put together this Harry Potter set!

Another area contains different modes of transportation.

This is Sam' pride and joy.  The Harry Potter Hogwarts School of Wizard.  There is a new "section" of school that he has been wanting, so we stop at Target every other day to check if it has arrived.  Why Target?  He has gift cards from his birthday that are burning in his pocket!

The latest set involves two aliens chasing a farmer!! (this is taken with a flash)

This is what it looks like without a flash.  The red glow is coming from the "mother spaceship" that is hovering over the farmer!

The mother space ship.

Wanted a picture with Sam and his mother ship...guess who had to get in on it...she just cracks me up!! Look at her little smile! 
Now the next challenge is to get all these pictures (plus several more) into the Lego scrapbook i bought for Sam. the rate I am going I MIGHT have it ready for his graduation!!

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Nanny said...

Good job Sam......and mom. Quite an exhibit!