Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meet Ed...

Let the frog adventures begin...the first frog of the season has been caught and named...

Meet Ed.

Ed is/was big and grossed me out.

jack loved Ed. He had no problem catching and holding him...and posing with him.

Ed's fancy trick was to climb up the boys' arms. yea.
I finally told the boys to get on the grass. Poor Ed would jump out of their hands and land on the cement with a nasty thump.

Sam could barely stand Ed on his arm...I don't know if it tickled or grossed him out and he was trying to push through those feelings!  Can't wait until more frogs show themselves...love it when I don't know if it is a leaf or a frog in the driveway.


Anonymous said...

That's funny! Now you need an aquarium to keep your new pet in. We have a George little turtle. And a frog named Buddy. They room together in Meredith's room. They even have a pool!


katie said...

Steph - if meredith would ever like to add to her collection, she can come on over!! the boys have STRICT rules that the frogs CANNOT come into the house..believe me, Jack has tried!

Janet said...