Friday, June 17, 2011

Going to Oprah...

As I mentioned in my Oprah tribute post, I have been to the Oprah show. I KNEW I had pictures, but i really had no idea where they could be. So when I was going through pictures that are loaded on my hard drive...I FOUND THEM...YEA!!!

The guests that day where the stars from the movie Wild Hogs: John Travolta, William H. Macy, Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence ..... I hope you can spot me. I am in the second row, with my hands in the air, clapping. I have a pink shirt on, white sleeves...I am right above the "c in a circle" before the 2007.

Can you spot me friend Jenny is to my right.

Oh look at this one...I am in the second row first one in the frame on the left....AHHHHH!  Can my grin be any bigger!!

I think Oprah is talking to me....

You can spot me pretty well here on the right side.

Side story: You are NOT to wear white on the show (expect if you are a special guest.) When driving to Chicago, at Iowa City I realized I had left my perfect Oprah outfit hanging in the laundry room...sheer panic!! So we made a quick stop at the mall in Iowa City and I bought a new outfit...pants that were a size too big, but a belt fixed that and then a bright pink t-shirt. It was in the winter, so I had to get something for underneath...bought a white tee...not even thinking how you cannot wear white! While seating us at the show, the "seater" person looked at me (she was standing on stage and I was sitting down...everyone was at her mercy!) and said, "We Told you NOT to wear white!" I looked up at here and said, "I KNOW! But i left my clothes at home!" She didn't care....or hear me.  I guess it didn't matter, because she moved us to the second row center from second row outside.

And there I am in all my pink. I think this might have been the time I purposely sat down last, just so I could spot myself on the TV later.

It was one of the best days of my life...besides getting married and having my kids..well, not the actual day when I had the babies..that wasn't much know what I mean.


Janet said...

How exciting! If you wear white, do you stand out too much? These are great pictures, Katie!

hapi said...
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