Friday, February 25, 2011

An Interview with the Boys...

Okay, after the boys had been running around, being loud and basically being their stuck inside boy-selves...I had to think of SOMETHING for us to do last i decided to interview the boys. It will make a good addition to my weekly scrapbook (which I am still up to date with!) and it kept the boys preoccupied for a few minutes.

You will need click on the image to make it readable for you....

I asked some very basic questions...what is you favorite color, what do you want to be when you grow up, what do you like to read. So unoriginal (give me a break, i was thinking on my feet!) AND, I completely forgot the ordinary question: What is your favorite food?!

I got some very ordinary answers...but I must say it was interesting.

Neither boy had to think about their answers. They told me the first thing on their mind...even when Jack told me he wants to be a hippie when he is all grown up (does that surprise anyone? Though, when I was his age, I wanted to be a paper doll - they had really cool clothes! I obviously did not become a paper doll and so I am hoping that jack will not become an everyday hippie.)  It cracked me up that when I asked them their favorite song, they both sang their answers.

Then shortly after we were done, they were back to being their stuck inside boy-selves again....
Sam  microwaving ice-cream...Jack watching it spin and melt ~ practicing some hippie activites!

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