Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Skype Grandma Darlene!

Yesterday was Jason's grandma's birthday. She is 95 years old! Way to go Grandma Darlene!
The boys wanted to wish her a happy birthday, so we skyped her last night...she gets a kick out of the whole skpye thing!

I am in the bottom frame taking a picture of Darlene...my computer screen, I noticed, is a bit nasty!

A close up of Grandma Darlene...giggling after the boys sang her happy birthday...

The boys filled in Grandma Sharon about all the happenings...

And a short visit from Einstein...Grandma Darlene use to wear wigs to keep her head warm in the winter instead of a stocking cap and Jack thought his Einstein wig would be a great stocking cap...yea...can't wait until he wears his new "stocking cap" out tomorrow....

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Marlo said...

Happy birthday to grandma Darlene.
And talking to family on Skype ...wow...think how many advances you have see during your lifetime.

You are wonderful

Marlo and Jerry