Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How Do You Explain...Again...

The boys asked about the tragedy in Orlando. 

What happened? A man went into a night club and open fire on the people that were there. 
(Jack: What's a night club? A bar.)
Did they die? Yes. 103 people were shot, 49 people died from being shot. 
Did the guy who was shooting die? Yes. 
How? The police did it to save more people from being killed.
Why did he do he want to kill all those people? 
 And that is where it gets so hard to explain to your kids about why someone would do that to so many innocent people...again (and again and again.)

My answer to Sam: "Well, supposedly he didn't like gay people and so he shot them. There are rumors that he was with ISIS." 
Sam thought about it a bit and then said, "You know, how did those gay people ever effect that guys life?"
And I must say, my heart glowed a bit. Jason and I have really tried to raise the boys to accept everyone...no matter what class, age, size, race, religion, handicap or who you love. We tell them to be kind...you don't have to be everyone's friend, but you do need to be kind.  You aren't going to mesh with everyone, you don't have to, but you do need to be kind and tolerant of others. So when Sam said that, I knew he got it and it warmed my heart. It makes me happy to see there is hope, that in Sam and Jack's generation it really won't matter your class, age, size, race, religion, handicap or who you love.


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