Wednesday, June 1, 2016


My goal this season was to keep up on my flower beds this year: water regularly, pull weeds, trim when needed, feed every two weeks. Unfortunately, this is the same area where last year we spotted some poison ivy, but we have worked hard in killing it off and thought we had been successful.

(Here is a fresh little grower in a DIFFERENT area!!)

We had sprayed the poison ivy in the flower bed and had taken care of it all...or so I thought. Until a week and three days later...

Yep, while weeding, I must have come into contact with that little nasty weed. And oh lordy does it itch!  It is so icky to look at! If you haven't had it, at some point, it starts to ooze out. (gag)  So, you would want to put a band-aid on the oozing area. Well, I have terrible reactions to band-aids, so this has been a never ending battle.
  And to top it off, I got it on my face too! It doesn't stand out so much as my arm, because I can cover it up with make up. I also have it on my forehead and eyebrow on the left side of my face.
 So much for my vow to keep up on weeding in my flower garden!

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