Thursday, June 23, 2016

Guess What...

We got ourselves a band!!
I could just leave it at that, but nope...there's a little more.

Sam had played guitar for about 4 years. Due to his schedule, he wasn't able to continue lessons at this time, so Jack thought it would be the perfect time for him to start the drums...which he has always wanted to play. That was 2 months ago. Jack actually uses our old Guitar Hero drum set to practice.  Jack's teacher told me  basically, if we wanted Jack to "proceed" we would need to think about getting a drum set. Well, he finally got a set. 

Last night Jack and Sam were down stair "jamming." Sam came up and said, "Either Jack is going to have to turn it down a little, or I am going to have to stop playing Stairway to Heaven." When Jack plays, which is in the basement, it sounds as if he is right in the room with me.

So Sam, I vote for the first option. 

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