Friday, June 17, 2016

A Couple of Tricks!

Here are two "tricks" I recently heard about!

Have you ever driven another persons car or had to drive a rental and have no idea which side the gas tank is on? Well, I just discovered there is a helpful hint right on the gas gauge!
See the little gas tank, which is located on the gag gauge? Check out the points to the side which contains the gas tank! How easy it that?

The second hint deals with one of my biggest fears, driving my car into a large body of water and not being able to get out. I actually bought a tool that will break the window in case that might happen! Please remember, we do not live near any large body of water, so I consider myself fairly safe, but you just never know!! 
The pointed piece will break the glass and the tool at the end of the handle will cut through your seat belt if needed. BUT, you don't have the fancy tool, you can use your headrest!
Place one of the metal rods between the window and the door and push down. then close your eyes and pull out the headrest. In doing so, the window will shatter. Or, you can use the metal poles and hit the window and it will shatter your window. 

Just a couple of helpful tricks for your day, one that I hope you never need! Drive safely!!

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