Thursday, March 24, 2016

Oh My!

One day on our vacation, we headed to the ocean. The warning sign was one level below "Not Advisable To Go Out There Today." Which I noticed AFTER we had been out there.

Right away, I knew I did not want to get into the water. From this angle, you can't tell, but I am actually standing above the boys on somewhat of a hill. The boys are standing in a very low area (almost like a ditch) due to the waves breaking in that area over and over and over...

The waves were so strong, it would knock the boys down and they loved every minute of it! Here Jack is asking the girl next to him if she was ok, because she went under him and knocked him down.
 I just stood and worried that they were going to get sucked out to the ocean never to be seen again.  Jason just rolled his eyes and reminded me they were more on the beach than in the water!

 Can't you just hear Sam saying, "We can do this, Jack!"
 "Uhhh.never mind, Jack! I am out of here!"
 Jason couldn't stand it anymore and decided to show the boys how to dive through and ride the waves. See Sam's little head to the right of Jason's. I was a bit worried!!! "NOT SO FAR!!"
Here comes the big one!
 Sam successfully swam with the wave..but where is Jason?
Look closely. He is wrapped in the wave like a burrito! You can see his feet on the right, then his dark trunks, and then his hand!
Sam was laughing!! Jason was telling HIM how to get it done and Jason got totally body slammed! 
Needless to say, that was the last wave of the day! 
Know came the impossible: removing sand from the entire body!

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