Monday, March 7, 2016

Chicken Noodle Soup...Oops!

Jack loves Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup and the fun shapes have always been an extra bonus! I spotted a new can of soup with Star Wars characters and couldn't wait to present Jack with exciting new shaped noodles!!

Finally the evening came for soup! I whipped up the Darth Vader can and while spooning the soup into the bowl I noticed what appeared to ME as snowflakes, but just assumed that shape was actually a star from some unknown planet. I served the bowl to Jack, just waiting for his reaction to all the fun Star Wars shapes! 
(this from the internet...NOT from our bowl!)

Soon, Jack asked, "Why are there snowflakes in my soup of Star Wars?" I shared my thoughts on the snowflakes and he said, "No. There is no such planet." He proceeded to pull out the different shapes from his bowl. We took a little closer look. And suddenly Jack stated, " I HAVE FROZEN SHAPES IN MY SOUP!"
 And sure enough, Jack's Star Wars can contained Frozen (the movie) shapes: snowflakes, princesses and Olaf!!,TopRight,0,0_AA355_SH20_.jpg 

Now, I can reassure you that I did not purchase a Frozen can of soup and tried to pull a quick, I don't work that way and two, that would be too much work and three, it would be a great joke that I would not have thought of! Anyway, in this picture, I included the empty can of soup that I had given Jack, in the idea that he could find all the Star Wars shapes!
As you can see, not one of the noodles matched his can!
This did not stop Jack from eating all his soup. Jack is one that can go with the flow for the most part (he does have his limits.) His statement was, "Can you imagine the GIRL that got my Star Wars noodles!!" Then laughed!!

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