Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Just a Little Dramamine...

Sam will soon be 14, which means he will be hitting the life milestone of receiving his driver's permit.

So, I thought we should get him behind the will to practice his driving skills. He and I headed out to the local area college parking lots, on a Sunday afternoon, for him to do a bit of driving.

As you can see, he was excited!

Overall, he didn't do too bad. He is use to driving our little "yard" Ranger around our place, so he had some of the basics down. It's just that a car drives much "easier" than the Ranger. He quickly learned that he did not need to press the accelerator down very hard to get the car to go and he did not to jam on the brakes to stop. He also learned that power steering is a blessing in the car which the ranger does not have. 

Once we got those "basics" learned about the car. We drove around the parking lots for about 20 minutes at a speed of about 10 MPH max. 

As you can see, he is all business.
It's exciting to see him go onto his next adventure in life! The only thing I need to remember is to take a little Dramamine before driving with him. The jack rabbit stops and starts did a little number on my stomach. But over all, Safety Sam is on his way to be a great empty parking lots...on a Sunday afternoon.

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