Friday, February 12, 2016

A Chewbacca Box

We tackled Jack's Valentine's box this week and I must say, this boy knows what he wants! He had a vision of a Chewbacca Valentine box and so what can we parents do, but help fulfill his calling. We headed to the craft store and he knew exactly what materials he needed: brown fur, wiggle eyes, black and white felt. Put it all together and you get a Chewbacca Box!

He "chews" the valentines and the back actually opens so Jack can check out all his love notes. We love him and his big "scary" eyes!! He seems as if he may be on the verge of a laugh instead of a hearty growl!  I also have fur ALL over EVERYTHING in my craft room! "It's like Moose is back," Jack Said!

 Unfortunately, Jack isn't' so excited about the Valentine's Day Party, I mean Friendship Party this year. Our school district is not allowing kids to include candy on their Valentines. What is Valentine's without candy? And I never really heard why they cannot include the candy. Jack is extremely bummed because he LOVED the candy part of Valentine's Day! It was suggested to include trinkets on the Valentine's instead. So, we actually found Valentine's that included erasers and Jack is also taping a mechanical pencil to the back. I don't know about you, but I would much rather have candy instead of a pencil! Guess I will just have to add to my stash! :)

Unfortunately, I had a little accident while hot gluing an eye to Chewie. I added a load of hot glue, which would then melt the fur, and that was kind of fun for Jack to watch. I then  placed the eye on the gob of glue and pushed down. Well, the glue came out behind the eye and went straight on my finger. OUCH!! I really didn't know what to do, so I blew on it...Looking back, I should have wiped it off on the table. I knew I was in trouble because it stayed hot and burning. I worried if I pulled the glue off, then it would pull off my skin and then I would be down for the count. So, I iced it and the glue froze on my finger. I couldn't get myslef to pull it off, but I could work it off slowly and carefully...with my teeth. Yes, I "chewied" off the glue. Gross. But it worked. There was a heck of blister under it all. I put aloe vera on it, wrapped it and it felt much better in the morning. 

About 10 years ago, I had a paper trimmer accident and actually chopped off the side of the same index finger. I never got back the feeling on that one side. Luckily, most of the blister is on that side of my finger and so it feels mostly numb unless I hit it just when I am typing!

Wishing  you all a Happy Valentine's Day this weekend!!

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Janet said...

Love the box! So sorry about your crafting accident! I have plenty of aloe vera if you need it! 😁