Friday, January 15, 2016

Our Lego Family...

Lego has 14 different series of mini-figures. Each series has 16 Lego mini-figs that come in mystery bag. So basically, you buy a mini-figure without knowing which one you are purchasing. Thank goodness for the guy at the Lego store that knew who was in which bag! Saved us  A LOT of money!!  Well, we took advantage of this opportunity and told the Lego man exactly which one we would like! So, I would like to introduce you to our little Lego family!

(Thank you to Jack for helping during this photo shoot. He uses his pointer finger to help you know who I am talking about each time!)

First, the Business Zombie. Which represents Jason!

Next comes me, Big Foot, with a camera.
 Obviously my no shave winter is getting out of control. Ew!
 Sam is our Monster Rocker.

And that brings us to our Mad Scientist, Jack.
 So that is our mini-figure family.
As you can tell, we need warmer weather.
And Jack need to clean his fingernails.

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