Monday, January 25, 2016

My 70s Memories!

I was looking for picture for a new paper line called Reminisce to put up on the store blog and ended up on Pinterest "reminiscing" about my 70s and 80s up-bringing! I bet some of these will make you say, "Oh my word!! I remember that!" Enjoy the walk...

We had TWO of these in our library! What a special treat to play Oregon Trail from the floppy disk!
The Oregon Trail..Who Remember's???:  


LOL! Always did this in school!:  
 Best thing EVER!! Loved getting a new notebook for only 25 cents!! Started feeding my paper habit young!
School Supply Vending Machine -- shopping at school; what could be better?!:  

Always wanted one of these, even though I wasn't old enough to shave, yet. I am sure I could have found something to shave!
Remember these?:  

My sister had the Sunshine Family, Grandpa and Grandma Sunshine and the Sunshine van. Green with envy! I was NOT allowed to touch the Sunshine family...though I did when she wasn't looking! :)

The Sunshine Family from Mattel (1974-1978) I swapped with a friend so that I could get the baby...I still have him somewhere.:

Loved this stuff...the toxic fumes I must have sucked in were awesome!
I used to love these!:  

Lip Balm in a tin! I would eat this stuff! Seriously. I ate it.
I miss these! Village Bath Lip Lickers Licketty Lip Balm flavored lip gloss from the early 80's.:  

I would glob this all over my lips for the perfect, drippy shine! Then I would lick it off because it tasted so good!
I so remember this!:  

Smelled good all day long!
Love's Baby Soft 

The best gum!!
The gum that goes Squirt!!! I remember thinking this gum was the coolest stuff. I was so impressed. Even my mom was impressed, plus it didn't stick to her dental work. She still buys it, now & then.....when she can find it, that is!!! Spearmint & Bubble Gum were her favs. Mine were Bubble Gum, Peppermint & Cinnamon.:  
I would save my money for a pack of these Wacky Cards! I think I may actually still have them in a keepsake box!  Lucky me!!!
So cool if you were lucky enough to have the whole Wacky Packages collection!  I did not like the hard as a brick gum though!:  

My absolute favorite! Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers! I had the LARGE tube of bubble gum. One up friends because I had a Lip Smacker on a rope to wear around my neck. (I ate this too. Dear. God. I was a strange child.)
Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers - I had the giant version of the bubble gum flavor.:  

STILL have these!!
Little People have gotten a makeover. | Here's What 23 Of Your Childhood Toys Look Like Now 

My sister had these and I was soooo jealous!

Fashion Plates!
I totally forgot about this "toy", I had one and LOVED it! :
I was the envy of the neighborhood with this people set!
Vintage Fisher Price Castle Set...favorite hand me down toy growing up:

One of my favorite things I ever owned! You could do calculations (because it was a calculator) and play a few basic math fact games!
Vintage Electronic 1978 Texas Instruments Little Professor Math Learning Toy via Etsy:

Another prized Velvet Doll! You could make her hair long by turning a knob in her back and to make it short, you pressed her belly button! I think I may have jammed up the hair mechanics, because I did give Velvet a little hair trim.
Velvet Doll..this was my sisters doll, she had the most beautiful violet coloured eyes...and her hair could be made short or long by turning the dial on her back to make it short, and pressing her belly button and pulling to make it long again....kind of weird but we loved her....:  

Oh...I loved my Cher barbie doll. I would brush her hair endlessly! It would actually squeak when you brushed it (because it was probably plastic) and I had to stop brushing it around my dad because the sound was like finger nails on a chalkboard to him! Well, I should have kept brushing that hair because it turned into a HUGE matted, nasty mess on her head. No problem...I could cut off the snarls. (So, I ate lip balm and cut my Barbie's hair regularly....hmmm.)
The original Cher doll by Mego [1975] (I cut all the hair off my Cher doll :-(:

I could do this all day and all the way down to my friends house!!
(mic drop)
My fave toy when I was a kid!  I wore a hole in it from skipping too much! 

And we will finish on a story of this video game device!
Loved playing with my brother! WOW look at our kids playing their games now!!:  
We did not have an ATARI, but my good friend had one. When she would go on vacation, she would let me bring the ATARI to my house and hook it up to our TV. (You know...put the wires under the screws in the back of the TV. Turn the TV knob to channel 2) Well, the joystick had come apart and you could remove plastic covering off the stick or handle. Then, when you squeezed the handle to your leg (I don't know why I did this.), it would stick to your leg through suction. Following me? Well, I decided it would be fun to suction it to the center of my forward and chase my dog around like a unicorn. (I like to refer to it as being a free spirit and not to the amount of Lip Smacker I ate!) After a fun game of chase with my dog, I popped the handle off my forehead and had a perfectly red, round hickie right in the center of my forehead. Try explaining that one when you are in sixth grade to your "cool" friends!! 
Now, to go look up side effects of eating 
Bubble Gum Lip Smacker!

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Big Sis said...

Classic! Had forgotten about that lemon-ankle spinny thingy......if i remember right, it was full of tiny beads so you made a cool shaky sound when you went down the street.