Thursday, December 10, 2015


We like to promote healthy habits in our household.  You know, eat right, exercise, take care of yourself, try to encourage to a little personal hygiene with the boys (brushing teeth and some deodorant, please!) Must remember everything in moderation, though!

Well, my mom use to get the boys a Nutcracker every year for Christmas, but I guess that would promote peanuts and nuts, which are good for you in small amounts, but let's be honest, loads of fat. So, the last couple of years, she has switched her focus to smokers. Not just any smokers, but Santa smokers. Forget the sweets and candy that those other Santas  offer (is there a plural form of Santa?) We are going for grown up big boy smoking Santas!
After Jack nicely asked if he could watch his Santa smoke, we didn't want Sam to feel left out, so we had Sam's Santa light up too!  And boy can these Santas smoke! Sam soon pointed out that his Santa was out smoking Jack's Santa and "Just watch the smoke pour out of him!"  At that time, we should of politely asked them to step outside, because they were filling the house with their smokey smell and it was making Sam a bit nausea! (imagine that!)
But, never fear, they were soon done smoking and we lit a nice cinnamon bun candle, that got us to thinking we should have cinnamon rolls for breakfast soon. 
So much for the healthy habits, but we can always start tomorrow!

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