Friday, December 18, 2015

A Helpful Hat

What do you buy a guy for his birthday that says he doesn't really need anything? A hard hat!!
What?  you ask.
Well, you know there's always a story! 

Unfortunately, my dad took a fall and hit his head on the corner of a wall (thank goodness that was all!) Well, my mom ran out to the living room and dad said he was fine. (Phew!) Then mom noticed blood running down the side of his head and around the back of his ear. After further inspection, off to Urgent Care they headed (no pun intended..well, maybe a little.) Dad ended up getting 7 staples!! Ouch! He needs to protect that head!

A couple of days later, it was his birthday and after much deliberation (like, should we and yea, we should) they boys headed out (oh! not again!!) and got a hard hat for my dad to wear while at the house! 

I had to add our own little touch and labeled the hat. (In case neighbors would come over and think if was their hard hat.)
He wears it well!!

 Why is it when you put on a hard hat that everyone around you thinks it needs to be knocked on? Here, you can see Sam's hand in a knocking motion. Looks as if my dad is trying the knocking out, too!

Here's Jack's little hand knocking on the other side!
 It was a successful well as useful!

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