Monday, October 5, 2015

Not Again...

Friday evening I was putting clean sheets on Jack's bed. I yanked up the edge of the mattress and back went out. I don't know how to officially describe hurting my back. But my pelvis tilts and pinches the nerve mercilessly on the lower left side back. 

At this point, I couldn't move. I said bad words. I thought I was going to pass out. I said more bad words. I tried to lay on the floor, but the floor was too far away, so I got myself onto Jack's bed. Said more bad words.

Usually when I lay down it brings relief...not this time.  I finally got myself to the floor and crawled to the stairs, got myself down the stairs and that was when I ran into Sam. "MOM! Are you OK?" I just answered, "Nope. Hurt my back." I hear Jason from afar..."Kaaaatttttiiiieeee!!!"  I wanted to cry...because I was so mad.

Long story short, it took both Sam and Jason to get me into bed. It was not pretty and I just laid there and pouted.

Thank goodness, on Saturday I was able to see my chiro and she "reset" my back and it felt better to get the bone off the nerve. I wish an adjustment brought immediate happy dancing but that  nerve is all flared up and very, very touchy! So Saturday called for bed, short walks and lots of ice and kind words to "the nerve."

I had my i-pad, remote and book close by all day. Sam was at a retreat for the weekend. Jason and Jack went up to the ISU game. So, it was nice and quiet, which meant naps for me and rest for "the nerve."

Until I noticed I left my coffee and water on top of the far away.....

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