Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Decorating for Halloween

The other night, my sister was hanging out with Jack while I ran Sam around. We came home and found that they, my sister and Jack, had decorated a wall for Halloween! "Oh Jeeepers!" I said out loud to myself as I came around the corner. My sister was picking Jack up from football practice. Soon my phone dinged, "Surprise!" read her text.

Sam had walked right past the decorations while going to get his guitar for lessons and hadn't noticed the webs, spiders, skeletons...

 "Sam! Did you happen to notice the decorating your Aunt and Jack did while we were gone?" I yelled to him.
 "Noooooo!" he yelled back. 
My insides went...uh oh. 
Remember, Sam is NOT a fan of Halloween and anything scary.  Though, webs are on the lower end of the spectrum for him.

Here is Sam checking out the decorations. You can see the wheels turning in his head. I am sure he is doing some positive self talking. "It's not real. It will be OK. I am lovable and capable. My white legs are scarier then the white webs. "
"You know...it's only webs. That's not bad." I told him.
"This will bother your dad more than you...Right? You know his phobia of spiders..."
 "Would you want to crawl in there and I'll take your picture - face your fears type of thing?"
The most disgusted teenager look from him.
"Maybe when I get back."
"Glad they used the small spider."
"There's a BIGGER spider!?!?"

The two accomplices returned shortly after I dropped Sam off at guitar. 

I am proud to share that Sam finally climbed in the web (kind of) and posed for a picture!
On the other hand, Jack won't stay out of it! 
 Which once again bring up that question...how can two boys come from the exact same parents and upbringing and be so opposite! (BUT, I wouldn't change it for the world...most days!)

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