Thursday, August 27, 2015

First Day of School!

It arrived.
The day is full of  nerves, excitement, anticipation and exhaustion!
Yesterday was no different!
What arrived, you ask.

This summer has bee extra long due to a new law passed that schools couldn't start until after the State fair...or something like that. Wednesdays are actually late start days, so the earliest anyone needed up would be 8:00.Which was perfect...can still sleep in a bit even though it is the first day school. Well, no need to wake anyone up today! No alarms...just nerves!

The day started with breakfast in front of the TV. Nothing like watching some "educational" TV to kick start the learning!

Jack had to use his new hair cream for his new hair cut! I tried to help him out, but, "MOM YOU RUINED IT!" might have been stated. How can I ruin 1/2" hair? And by the's gel, not shampoo, kid. You don't need THAT much!

Off to take our yearly before school photos in front of the bushes. The weather was actually very chilly. It was barely 50 degrees, hence the sweatshirt for Jack. 
Such handsome young men, if I do say so myself!

I wonder in 20 years if they will ask, "Really mom! You let us wear those long socks?" And i will say, "Yes. I was more concerned with how long Jack's arms had become over that summer!"

Time for some individual photos.
Seriously Jack?
That bright spot is Sam. He was that close to the camera when it went off.
No, though it may look like it, that wasn't the boy from the movie "Powder." Though Sam and I could probably make an appearance in this movie due to our delicate skin color!

My main concern was hoping the boys didn't jump right into the poison ivy that has taken over some spots in my rocks and BOTH garden islands! That is another story. I put the white stand over the poison ivy so no one will accidentally walk in the ivy of death.

Time to take and walk Jack up to school! He had a few butterflies on the drive to school and he didn't say much. Once we got out of the car, he loudly stated, "I AM SO NERVOUS!"  

While walking up to school, I asked if I could take Jack's picture outside of school. I don't know if you can read his lips and facial expression, but he is saying, "Yes. Do. It. Now." So I did.

We found a group of teachers outside that had made a tunnel for the kiddos to go through! I loved it! I don't think Jack knew what was going on! :) His focus was getting inside the building and getting to his room!

Sam was with us this morning and joined Jack in walking to his classroom. It was funny how many people said, "Hey, Sam!" and "Sam...when did you get so tall!"

 Jack was trying to tell me that I didn't need to walk him any further..oops! I wasn't listening!
I was able to get one last shot as he put his things in his locker and heading to his classroom.
Then is was off to drop Sam off at his new Middle School!
He appears so relaxed. (ha!)

I kept asking him if he wanted me to walk him into school. He was so polite, "No mom, that's ok I am good to go."

"Are you sure, Sam?" (wink wink)
"Mom! I'm OK!!"

 And off he went....

They both had really good days!
Jack actually enjoyed the day - it wasn't a day full of rules, rules and more rules! He made a couple new friends and shared with his class that his favorite part of his was going to Colorado and going to the border and buying illegal fireworks. 

Sam's couldn't stop talking about his day (phew!) It was great and his teachers were just right and lunch went well...

I couldn't have asked for anything more for the boys' first day of school. Except for maybe Jack wouldn't mention "illegal" the first day of school!

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