Tuesday, July 28, 2015

An All Nighter...

Sam has always wanted to pull an all nighter, which we discouraged due to the fact that it takes a few days to get back on track. Well, Sam continued to wonder if he would be able to do it and two, what do people do between the hours of two and six? 

So last Friday night, Sam couldn't fall asleep and saw this as an opportunity to try our an all nighter. His goal was to see the sunrise.

To prove that he attempted and succeeded at this self-challenge, he took selfies along with captions!

Here's me at 4:00am.

4:15 am

5:00 am
(He looks sooooo tired!)

 I can do this!

YES! Sunrise!! 6:01 am!

He took a screen shot of the weather because is shows the time of the sunrise!

6:01 am

He doesn't have a photo of 6:02 am of him SOUND asleep!
What did he do while staying up?
Watched TV, watched Movies and played on his phone. I asked him if he ever got tired? "Oh Yea! It was weird. I was watching a movie and I had no idea what was going on. It was like pictures with no understanding what was going on."  Welcome to the world of sleep deprivation!

We had no idea that Sam stayed up all night. Sometimes Sam will sleep on the couch, so when we saw him there the next morning, we thought nothing of it. Jason woke him up at 9:45 and then he shared his adventure with us!

Sam took a nap that afternoon for almost three hours. Sam NEVER naps! But as you can see, he looks like he could use one! He took this picture after stating, "I don't now how good of an idea that was."
He was actually pretty mood good on Saturday (besides walking around like a zombie) and Saturday evening. 
On Sunday, I went in at noon to wake him up. I told him it was time 12:00 in the afternoon...He asked, "OK. " and turned over and went back to sleep.

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