Monday, June 29, 2015

Samisms...Well Kind-Of

Sam is 13. Yep, a teenager and we have accepted the fact that his brain is developing and not working on all cylinders at all times.

Here are a couple of conversations we have had with Sam.

Sam wanted to wear a light pair of socks to track one evening. Sam and Jason wear the same size socks and have for sometime. Jason has even given Sam a pair of his shoes to wear at times. 

Sam: Dad, do you have a light pair of socks for me to wear?
Jason: Want don't you go grab a pair of my light weight socks.
Sam: Do you think they will fit?

Sam has been working out this summer and has spent a bit of time in front of the mirror looking at his knew muscles. (heehee)

Jason: Wow Sam, your biceps are actually looking bigger!
Sam: Really? Which one?
Jason: Ummm.....Both.

Sam and I were talking about how next year he will be 14 and can get a driver's permit. We discussed how that meant that he could drive, but he would have to have an adult in the car with him when he drove, unless he got a school permit, then he could drive to school and back.

Sam: So, if I get a school permit, I can drive to school?
Me: Yep. You can't pick up a friend. You can drive straight to school and back home. 
Sam: What will you do?
Me: What?
Sam: If I have to have an adult in the car, what will you do when I am in school?
Me: What do you mean?
Sam: Will you just wait in the car all day while I'm at school?
Me: WHAT???
Sam: Well, I have to have an adult in the car at all times. So if the car is at school, what will you do?
Me: Sam. If you have a school permit, you can drive to school and back...without an adult. I am NOT going to wait in the car for you in the parking lot while you are at school!!
Sam: Oh. OK. That's good,  I thought you'd get bored.
And where this one says "Shoes" you can insert anything else that the boys wear...socks, hat, shorts...
Have a good one!!

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