Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Officially Summer...

Jack and I stopped at one of our favorite ice-cream shops and decided at that point it was officially summer! We love not only the ice cream, but the candy eyes that come on your cone!

Where was Sam you ask?
He was spending the day with friends (this summer is all about his friends!) at Adventureland

(Where you can ride the Tornado, see a family show and hear a rock-n-roll bad. There's always something at Adventureland!) If you are a local, you will have the theme song going through your head for hours!! :)

Anyway, Sam has transparent skin and so it is very important for him to put on sunscreen. He needs to put sunscreen all over his arms, legs, face and head (yes, his head...he has a buzz cut.) At times, Sam will forget one or two parts of his body and it is bright red and it infuriates me!! So, going to Adventureland, I stressed he HAD to put on sunscreen or NO GOING TO THE POOL THE NEXT DAY!!

So Sam sends me a picture of him while at Adventureland.
Looks like he is enjoying himself!
But, wait, doesn't he look a little peaked?
Oh, no...that is just the amount of sunscreen the kid put on!! Made me laugh!! Check out how it's a bit heavy on the one eyebrow!! Jason said he looked a bit spooky and just may have put on a bit too much sunscreen! But, he did not get burned, had a great time and is now off to the pool with his friends!

This is what summer is all about!!

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