Friday, April 3, 2015

My Little Fishermen...

Over spring break, the boys had the opportunity to do a little fishing! Sam has fished before, but that was years ago. This was an entirely new experience for Jack and he loved every minute!
 Right away, Sam got a bite. I am proud to say that he put the worm on his hook, after digging through the cup to find the perfect worm. He did need a little help from his friend to get the hook out of the fish, due to it being hooked in the fish's eye. GROSS!!

Jack wasn't far behind with his catch! 
He was super proud of himself! 

 The day was perfect and both boys enjoyed every minute of it!

 Love this picture of Jack, he looks like a little Tom Sawyer with his jeans all rolled up.
Later, Jack asked if fishing was a sport. Absolutely I told him. He then asked, "So when people ask what sports I play and I can say baseball and fishing?" Sure, why not.

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