Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Life Question...

Sam and Jack have the same parents and, for the most part, have been raised in the same manner. My life question is, how can two kids come from the same background and parents and be SOOO extremely different!

Example: The difference between the boys' shoe cubbies.
 This is Jack's. He stands way back from his cubbie and kicks his shoes into the cubbie each afternoon after school. You can't see the black rubber marks on the back of the cubbie where the shoes hit every day, but trust me, they are there.

This is Sam's. He places his shoes into his cubbie together and matched. His new white shoes are not in the cubbie, due to the fact that they would get dirty and scratched. 

Jack is such a mini-Jason.
Sam is such a mini-Katie.

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Big Sister said...

Think of our barbie cases. Mine were perfectly lined up and clothes organized. Your case had naked barbies jammed in, clothes everywhere and held together by a nylon tie!