Thursday, March 5, 2015

Warm Weather Needed...

The other day I found the boys boxing a red solo cup.
This is how it worked...first they put a string through the bottom of two cups. Remember making telephones with a string between the cups. That is exactly what the boys did with the red solo cups!

 Jack or Sam would hold one cup over the balcony while the other cup dangled just in reach of the boxer.

Round one.
Sam was actually hitting the cup with his bare hands, but soon found out that hurt. So, off he went to get his Lacrosse gloves. Now he is Rocky Ready!!
 Jack would dangle the cup over and Sam would swing.

 Then they would switch roles. 
The most difficult part wasn't when the holder would pull the cup up right before you hit it, it was when the holder would drop the cups and the boxer had to pick them up!
I suggested to Jack that he pick up the cup and not the string!
We sure do need some warmer weather!

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