Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hello, Again!!

Well, hello there! I went on a little unexpected hiatus! And now I'm back!! Last week went by super fast, went out of town this weekend and the next thing I knew it was already Monday!  

Let me share a little about our weekend...we headed back to Kansas City, which has become our annual Spring Break destination! (Lucky Boys!!)  We headed down on Friday and came back on Sunday. We needed a change of scenery and craved some warm weather where the boys (all three) could wear short once again. Oh...and if we happened to get tickets to the Iowa State games, that would just be an extra bonus!!

Jack decided that he needed to wear some comfy socks on the way down to KC! "Oh, my," was the reaction of the older boys. 

While in KC, we did a little shopping...well, a lot of shopping. I also, discovered that Sam LOVES shoes!! He is great at saying, "Do you mind if I go look at shoes while you guys...."

He LOVED this pair of shoes!!
 These were ok.

 He tried on some comfy high-tops.
"How about these, Mom?"

 And he couldn't pass up trying on a pair of Chuck Taylors.

 We stopped at a fountain, threw in coins and made a couple of wishes. Hope they wished for an ISU win!!

We ate dinner and hung out at Dave and Buster's to wathc the Kansas vs. Baylor game, while the boys played video games.  We then headed back to our hotel room to watch the ISU vs. Oklahoma game. Another nail biter, but we came away with the win!!
I guess wishes can came true!!
More about our trip later this week!!

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