Friday, February 27, 2015

Old School Video Gaming...

Sam had his last basketball tournament in the same town that Old School Pinball and Arcade is located.  So you know what that means, gaming between games!
I got to join the boys and must admit, I really didn't mind playing some of my old favorite vids from the good old days!

I am going to share photos of the some of the games I played. 
Can you guess which ones they are?

I apologize for the following three pictures...I was trying to play and take pictures!  

So, how did you do?
 I will ask you, what Jack asked me when we left, "Does it bring back any good old memories?"
It sure did, Buddy!

But I don' think I ever got my name on a high score like Sam! 
So proud!! :)

Answer Key:
Donkey Kong
Ms. Pac Man (they didn't have Pac Man)
Dig Dug
Centipede (my favorite!!)

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