Friday, January 30, 2015

Acoustic vs. Electric

Sam plays guitar.
I love his acoustic guitar.
It has a nice friendly tune and I can sing along.
It's very khumbyya-ish.
He now has an electric guitar.
It's not so nice and friendly.
I cannot sing along because the noise fills the entire house!

When he plays, it gets louder and louder.
"When I am playing, I get into it and have to turn it up!!"

I should have January 2009 I wrote this blog post about the boys jammin'.

I just look at Jason.
Jason says, "I love it!! This doesn't 't bother me at all!"
Which he has to yell and repeat three times before I realize he is not saying, "I love you and don't you love basketball!!

The things you do for your kids.

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Janet said...

Lolol I do sympathize with you. I live with two percussionists. :-)