Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Little Baller...

Jack's basketball season has begun! I enjoy watching the kiddos. Most are out there just having a good time and enjoying when they get a pass or the chance to dribble down the floor. It's even so much more exciting for these "little" ones when they make a basket and they immediately look over at their families with those HUGE grins!
So, off we go to the game.

This picture cracks me up! He has a pull over non, shorts, not pants, flip flops on because his shoes are in his bag along with his basketball...just like Sam! Who else squints on a cloudy day?
 A little warm up! Checking out were his bigest fan, ME, is sitting. Well, he is probably looking for Sam and Jason, too.
 Matching up to guard the other team. Will need to get those hands out of his pockets!! Some of Jack's teammates get super excited!
Let the game began! 
Jack made a basket and immediately looked over at us!  Gave him a huge thumbs up!!
Love that!!

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