Thursday, December 18, 2014

More Henry Antics...

Henry has been one busy elf lately! 
The boys wake up, especially Jack, and cannot wait to find that mischievous little elf and he has not been disappointed~

What are those things all over our tree?
It's the boys' underwear!! EW!! 

Jack checking out the undies!

One morning he was hanging around like Spiderman!

In our cotton ball jar!

Playing a little pool with the dudes!

 Buzz Lighter...what a cheater!
Mr. Potato Head waiting his turn.

Woody patiently waiting his turn.

 Zip lining from the balcony to the tree!

Henry has been fun to have around this year!
Can't believe that he leaves in seven days!!
He deserves a long trip to someplace warm!

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