Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Grateful Album...

So, I mentioned some time ago that I was throwing the idea around about doing a 4x4 album for the month of November...things that I was/am grateful/thankful for. Well, I am proud to say, I took the pictures AND they are placed in my album AND I have embellished about half of the album!

 I am just smitten with the WeR 4x4 albums and cannot get enough of them! They are so easy and (yes) fun to create!

 I put no rules or regulations on my album. Basically, take pictures, print them off in 4x4 and put them in my album with a short story. if I didn't want to share a story, then maybe a word was included.

 This is my title page. I cut it with the cameo, added a sticker, a date stamp and called it good. Much more my pace!

A little tour of my album. Here I used a 3x4 card with a die cut and some stickers. It said exactly what I wanted it to, so I called it good!

 Other days I added a little bit of journaling.Meg had surgery and all went very well as has her recovery! We laughed and laughed about this picture. Meg ALWAYS closes her eyes in pictures and this was no different!! She is one person that can make me laugh until I cry. (sorry about the picture, Meg!!)

 As you can see, these next few are very simple.

 Snow on her nose!

 This one was a bit more involved. I am LOVING the new transparent papers I have been seeing "everyone" use in their albums lately and I just had to try it out. LOVE IT!!

 Made the tag on the cameo..yep..the cameo! But I did not download the image of a tag, I created it out of a 6 sided figure that I stretched out! I know!! How cool is that? Thank you Teresa for showing me that little trick!! (oops...spelling errors on the tag! Some things never change!!!)

 Super simple! Some days don't need pictures!

 Ran across this fun little quote and just had to put it in my album..thankful for coffee in the morning!

 Mom got an new phone and sent me her first selfie. Oops! Brought a smile to my face!

No worries, she took another one and redeemed herself!!

Speaking of selfies, I took one with my dad. He kept asking, "Where do you look? How's this work?" It made me giggle!

A few other photos in the album show how I am thankful for game night with the boys (when it actually is able to happen!), Jason's homemade chili, scaring Jack (heehee), my bed, Sam's selfies I find on my phone and many  more. It was nice to realize that there is so much to be grateful for..little things that are all around you! 
Getting deep...moving on...

There you have it! I am actually looking forward to finishing this album! I am also planning on doing one in January with the gray 4x4 mini album and a couple of the new winter lines that have come into Memory Bound!

I would recommend this little project to anyone I meet on the street or just happen to know! That would embarrass the boys if I told everyone on the street. Hmmmm..I just may have an idea!

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