Thursday, December 4, 2014


All this sleeping in the living room...
Sam on the couch, Jack on the floor and Moose not far away!
Is all because of this guy...
Yep. Henry. Our Elf.

Henry is back and has been up to his mischievous ways again!
 Such a TPing Jack's bedroom!

 So what is all the fuss about?
Well, a girl at school told Jack that she heard about an elf that was thrown on the floor and now only comes back for Halloween! He turned into an evil elf! That did Sam in!

Then she went on to share how she heard her elf walk right past her and then jumped on her brother's bed. That did Jack in!

Both boys ended up sleeping in the living room together that night. 

Sam ended up sleeping with me that night because he couldn't fall asleep. Nothing was wrong, just having one of those nights. Though later he said, no evil elf was going to get him! Then at 4:45 in the morning I feel a light tap on my arm. "Mom. Mom." I woke up to see Jack at my bedside shaking. "Mom. I just heard Henry walk past my face. It creeped me out!" So, got him tucked in on the couch and finally got a little shut eye myself.

Th next morning, the boys found Henry in Sam's bathroom cupboard along with a note.
Wow...Sam must smell real good with all the Axe in his cupboard! (The green syringe is one of my old teeth whitener appliers! Which I never noticed until looking at this picture!) 

The note was a little reassurance from Henry (and Santa) that an evil elf was NOT one of Santa's elves, that Henry would NOT turn evil and not to worry about Henry moving around. He waits until the boys are SOUND ASLEEP! 

"Does that make you feel better, Jack."

Needless to say we all slept like logs that night! Thank goodness! And we all love Henry once again.

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