Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Season has Begun...

Basketball season is upon us and I love it! (And not just because I am an ISU fan and they are ranked number 13...just had to point that out!) Sam had his first tournament in Ames and let's just say that his team has a few things to work on!
 Sam has been working hard at his basketball skills and was super excited to have the season begin,but also had beginning of the season butterflies!
 And wouldn't you know it. 4 minutes into the first game and JAM! It was his right had this time...not the thumb he chipped in September. He continued to play and was pretty sore by the end.

Sam plays post due to his size, which really isn't all that big compared to the guy he had to guard! Yep, he guarded the guy in white..Sam is number 53 tucked behind on the right.

 I really enjoy watching him play. He had four games and in this one, the boys played so hard and were in a rhythm. Unfortunately, that isn't going to get us any taller! The other kiddo just had a height advantage and made it loo so easy!

 Yep, Sam gets to tip off the ball each game. Our tall guy from last year went to play for another team and so it's up to Sam!

 Sam got it! It's all about the timing and he was good to go on this one! Or did the other guy give him a little boost?

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