Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Friday's Pictures and Stories..

Friday was a slow day, not much happening..hung out during the day and worked at night. So, I don't have many pictures of Friday, but don't worry we had a BIG weekend and I have plenty of pictures for you to view the next couple of days!! Yea!! 
Alright, back to Friday...
The boys scored on the Halloween candy!! Yea of me...I mean..yea for them! BOOOO for me. It sits there speaking to me all day when they are gone!

Sam had to get up early Friday morning, so he laid around watching TV before heading to school. 

Jason worked from home and so we went and got coffees.

Have to wash my removed moles, put antibacterial ointment and band aids on them for the next four days!

Jason working from home.
"Why are you taking me pictures?"
Obviously HE doesn't read my blog. 

 Got our septic tank cleaned out. gross.

Moose's hind legs are doing much better. She actually got herself upstairs into my craft room and to her bed under my table.. She seems very proud of herself...which she should be!

While at work, I did a little sidewalk chalk art to welcome our customers on Saturday morning to our Christmas open house! 

 Boys playing Sam's new video game. Actually, Sam is playing and Jack is supervising.

Sam is ready for our big weekend!! (hint hint)

Jason and I always watch a scary movie on Halloween night. We settled for watching the very first episode ever of The Walking Dead. It creeped me out, so I guess our Halloween movie night was successful.

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