Monday, October 20, 2014


Holy Buckets!

 I have been binge watching this show for a couple of weeks now, I and cannot get enough of it!! 
My  mom kept telling me that I just had to watch it when it first aired, but I didn't listen.  Boy was she right!  I would highly recommend checking it out on Netflix and you will be hooked and you will be late to work...not that I did that!!

Another show that I would recommend is... 
It is a Netflix original, so there's language and some racy parts, but still an extremely good show!  Binge watched this one too!

I know I have already shared this binge watch, but another show you would love! 
This one is not available on Nextflix, so you would need to buy/rent or borrow the DVDs. It is set during the pre-WW I era and up to WW 2 and it is just as scandalous as the other shows I watch. Soooooo gooood! 

What will you Binge watch this week?

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