Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Our Famliy Rules...

I am sure you have seen the signs about  family rules.
If you get on the internet, there are hundreds of variations of the "family rules." I don't have an issue with these signs...I like them and thought about purchasing one when I first saw them. I want my boys to have all these characteristics...who wouldn't!!

Then I ran into this one...
This fits our family much better and fell in love with these rules!! I can honesty(and proudly) say we do all this, except have  food fights. 

The bummer part is that I didn't buy it when I saw it and now I can't find it anywhere! Darn it! But never fear, I think I could make it or have another person create it for me!! And leave out or change the food fight.

 THEN...I saw this.  
I would love to take the above rules and do this on one of my walls.
 I could actually cut the words out on my Cameo machine...hmmm. This would be really cool, but a sign would be easier! 
What's a girl to do...

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