Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First and Last...

 Sam played in his last Fall travel football team tournament this weekend. It was fun to hang out with our "Bomber" families and I will miss them. The team was formed when the boys started fourth grade and have grown up together and Sam has made some great friends on the team. *sniff*
 The team played with all their heart and did very well.
 This is back when Sam was in fourth grade! Either the trophies have gotten smaller or Sam has really grown!!

Sam has reached a personal goal this year. He actually came in under the weight limit, so he has been able to run and catch the ball. He's always been on the line and I consider that a fairly "safe" place. No one is chasing my boy down and trying to thrown him to the ground!! Well, now that he runs the ball, he is going to get tackled..which I do not like! I would see Sam get the ball and tell my friend, "I am shutting my eyes! Tell me when it's over!!"  I shared this with Sam and he told me, "What if I get a touchdown? You don't' want to miss that!" I just cannot win.
Look what happens when you get tackled!!
He says it looks worse than it feels, but still!!
I told him if they throw the ball to you, it is OK to just let it drop. That way you will be safe and not get tackled. 
Yea...and you can see he disobeyed his mother. 

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