Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Tri-Athletes!

Recently both boys participated in the local kids triathlon. This was Sam's third time and Jack's first time. They both did really well...they finished it!!
Jack had all of his gear carefully laid out for his transitions.
First leg the swim...50 meters. It went OK...he got a foot in the face and the water was so cold it took his breath away. That happens in the swim race we told him.

 His transition went well, until he got on the wrong side of his bike while running it to the track. He actually reached over the bike to put the kick stand up with is hand and almost fell. Then, he continued to stay on the left side and unfortunately did wipe out in the transition area. There was a collective "gasp" from the onlookers. The mom in me went, "Do I go out and help him? Can I help him? Will he be embarrassed? Does he need me?" I walked toward him and yelled, "Are you all right?" Well, he was a trooper. He bounced back up and off he went. PHEW! 
 Last leg of the race was a half mile run. I could tell he was beat by now, but he did not stop once during his run! You can see his shoelace was broken at this point!
 Still looking storg while heading towards the finish line!
 Congratulations, Jack!! You did it!!
He finished 24th our of 48 athletes in his age group! 
That's a big number one in my book!
(so nice to see him without his hat on!)

 And then it was Sam's turn. 
He first swam 100 meters.
 He then had to ride the bike for two miles. It seemed like forever!! He must have be feeling pretty good, because a friend saw him on the course and Sam waved hello to him!
 Sam had to run a mile after all that other exercise! He, too, was a trooper! His legs felt like bricks, but he didn't stop once either!!
Sam finished 11th in his age group. 
Excellent work!
So proud of both boys!!
I was quickly informed that I was the only one in the family that has not done a triathlon. I have an odd feeling that statistic won't change anytime soon.

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