Thursday, August 7, 2014

July Randomness

A few things that went on in July that didn't make the blog, that I am sure you would want to know about!
 I have lower back issues. Have had them since high school. I honestly do not know what I did, but I got out of my chair one evening and could not walk. Seriously, I was bent over like a 101 year old lady...which is embarrassing to walk into the chiropractic office in such a manner. Well, I was bed ridden for 48 hours and sloowly got back on my feet.
 Sam tried his hand out in Lacrosse and LOVED it! May even try to play in the spring.
 Jack got a haircut and went without his hat for almost 24 hours.
 The boys crashed on the floor one night and slept in the next morning..did I mention I wasn't in town when this happened?

 Jason ran the local 5k race and got 3rd in his age group! Sam ran the one mile and ran a personal best!
While they ran, Jack and I took shadow pictures!
 Jack had a Minecraft party! More on that to come!!
Another successful and fun summer in July. That only means that August is here, which means school is starting soon, which means getting up early and making lunches..yuck! I don't want to be on a schedule again! Booo Hisssss!!!

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