Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bath Time!!

 What does our landscaping project have to do with Moose? Well, we do not have any grass or sod or anything but light fluffy dirt in our yard.  Moose LOVES it! She digs, she puts her nose in it and rolls in it!
Now, Moose is not the young lady that she was, so when she came around the corner with very little white on her face, I knew she had either just gotten her hair colored of had been out enjoying herself...in the dirt.

"Moose. Have you been in the dirt?"
"Yea. No. Yea. Just a little. Good smells. Nice and cool. Yes I was in the dirt! It felt so good! It makes me happy."
"Well, you know what that means...bath time!"
Look at this sad, sad face. 
Wow. I wish I got skinnier when I took a bath!
"I just don't understand how you can do this to me."
 "Now that you are clean, stay out of the dirt!"
"Ohhhh..did you say dirt?"

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